Voodoo : Ninjas vs Pigmeis (extension)

Édition 2016
Par Marco Valtriani
Illustré par Guido Favaro
Édité par Red Glove and Mayday Games
2 to 8 joueurs
Number of players
8 to 99 ans
30 min
Temps de partie
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Banzai! From mysterious hideouts and perilous forests new challengers enter the great tournament of Vudù.
Hilarious spells, silly artifacts and irreverent curses will take your Vudù games to a new level of wickedness!

Speaking about gameplay, Vudù: Ninjas vs Pygmies extends the number of player to a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8, and introduces two new schools of magic: the deceitful Ninjas, that hide their curses making them difficult to remember, and Pygmies, fast and deadly, with fast curses that can be cast with just an ingredient.

In the box you will find 30 new cards (20 Curses, 5 Artifact and 5 Permanent Curses), 2 player markers and a small surprise:
Vudù: Ninjas vs Pygmies includes the Vudù expansion for the adventure games of the Super Fantasy series!

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