Too Many Bones: 40 days in Daelore

de Josh J. Carlson and Adam Carlson

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Additional Events & Baddies for Too Many Bones. En savoir plus

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Additional Events & Baddies for Too Many Bones.

What Baddie Types and Baddies are included?
40 Days in Daelore will contain Baddies from the original TMB Baddie Types: Goblins, Bogs, Scales, Beasts, Trolls, and Orcs. Three of these types appear in Undertow and therefore, this Add-on will add even more variety to those types in Undertow. *As mentioned at the start of this update, Undertow Tyrants may work with even more of these types if testing goes well and the idea is well received.

Can this Add-on be used with Undertow?
Short answer: Absolutely! These Encounters will add a ton of new stories and choices to both TMB and Undertow. However, they will be focused on land-based Encounters. In Undertow, for Tyrants that require you to shuffle in a certain amount of water-based Encounters, this Add-on will only contribute new content to the land-based ones. As for Baddies, Krelln and Mechs are not included, the other 3 Types in Undertow will benefit from this Add-on.

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Auteurs et éditions

edition 2018
Par Josh J. Carlson and Adam Carlson
Illustré par Anthony LeTourneau
Édité par Chip Theory Games

This game has been added to the database at Nov 12, 2017

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