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edition 2018
Par Tori Hasegawa
Illustré par Ian Parovel
Édité par Happy Baobab
Distributed by Happy Baobab


Langues des règles : English, French, Korean

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Game description

Gameplay follows standard trick-taking rules. In a trick, players must follow suit when possible, but they can play any card otherwise. Whoever played the last 4 in a round leads to the next trick; if no one played a 4, then whoever wins the trick leads. When you win a trick, you must take the cards in this trick, arrange them by color with the lowest card on top of each color stack, then place these cards on top of other cards that you've won. Thus, over the course of the game, you'll build up to five color stacks (depending on the number of players) as you take cards.

When the round ends, you compare the top cards on your stack to that round's mission. If the sum of these cards is higher (or lower, depending on the mission) than the depicted number, then you bust for the round and score only 1 point for each 6 you collected. For all those who didn't bust, players score points based on how their sum compares to others. For the advanced missions, as long as a player doesn't bust, they score points based on the sum of their top cards.

Game play
3 to 5 players à partir de 8 ans 20 min
Language of rules : English, French, Korean
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Un must have des jeux de plis
95/100 -
Rapide, efficace, subtil, parfait
100/100 -
Rapide et passe partout
67/100 -

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Minimaliste mais
58/100 -

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