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edition 2016
Par Justin Blaske
Édité par Five24 Labs and Pixie Games
Distributed by Pixie Games


Langues des règles : French

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Game description

Mint Works is a refreshingly light worker placement game. says-to-learn with a small footprint, it's the perfect filler game to keep you engaged time and time again.

Game play
1 to 4 players à partir de 13 ans 20 min
Language of rules : French
Prix public conseillé : ~

 Positive reviews

it's a bit strong!
84/100 -
Harry Cover 
t as bonne mint tu sais
67/100 -
Simple, basique
79/100 -
un petit mais grand kick
92/100 -
très léger
60/100 -

 Negative reviews

Pas vraiment bon
29/100 -
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