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edition 2017
Par Michael Kiesling and Andreas Schmidt
Édité par Plan B Games


Langues des règles : ~

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Game description

Now that the final rules have been posted, here’s a summary:

Each player has a personal board.
- center: a hex grid of sunny spaces (left) and shady spaces (right)
- left and top: a Production Track for your brewing master and your 5 ingredient markers
- right: the activation slots (see Activation below)

The common board represents a track along which different elements – ingredients tiles (quality/price from 1 to 5), monk tiles, activation disks – are placed each round (even where there are some left from the previous round).

Turn sequence
Starting on the initial space of the track of the common board, players take turns moving forward on that track. You can move as far as you want but may not move backwards (à la Egizia). When you stop somewhere, you can buy any number of elements you want:
- an activation disk is free (see Activation below)
- ingredient tiles cost from 1 to 5 (depending on their quality)
- monk tiles cost from 4 (earliest on the track) to 1 (latest)
Ingredients and monks are placed on your hex grid. If you place them on the sunny side, you pay double.

There are also barrel spaces where you can claim any number of the 12 objectives you newly fulfil the requirements of (worth 4 VP if you’re first, 2 VP if second).
Example: own 6 or more 5-value ingredient tiles, have one ingredient marker reaching the end of the Production Track.

When you reach the end of the track, choose one of the unoccupied bonuses (1st player, brewing master +1 space, 2 coins, one ingredient marker +2 spaces).

When gaining an A, B, C or A/B/C activation disk, activate one of the following 10 slots (each at most once per game):
A) all tiles of the quality of your choice (×1)
B) all tiles of a certain ingredient (×5 ≠ ingredients)
C) all tiles adjacent to a certain type of monk (×4 ≠ monks)

When activated, an ingredient tile yields the following:
- on the shady side, X coins (X being its quality)
- on the sunny side, move the corresponding ingredient marker X spaces forward on your Production Track

So by clever placement of your ingredient and monk tiles, you can activate the same tile several times.

These 10 activation slots are divided into 5 pairs. When both slots of a pair have been activated, you may put down a Privilege card and get its benefit.
Example: +12 coins, brewing master +5 spaces.

Your board features 7 spaces called construction sites. When one of them becomes surrounded by ingredient/monk tiles, add up the value values of the ingredient tiles surrounding it. Depending on the total value, take the corresponding building.

0-7: brewing master +6 spaces.
8-11: brewing master +3 spaces AND activate any 1 surrounding tile.
12-17: brewing master +1 space AND activate 2 surrounding, diametrically opposed tiles.
18-23: brewing master +1 space AND activate 3 surrounding tiles not adjacent to one another.
24+: activate any 4 surrounding tiles.


End of the game
The game ends after 3-4-6 rounds with 2-3-4 players.

1) Spot where your brewing master is on the track. The box next to it shows your multiplier (×2 to ×6), as well as your trading rate (in the format R:1).
2) Move any ingredient tokens back by R spaces to move any other ingredient token forward by 1 space. Repeat until you no longer want to.
3) Spot where your least advanced ingredient marker is on your Production Track. This is your multiplicand (0 to 20).
4) Multiply these two numbers together (VPs).
5) Add the value of your barrels (VPs).
6) +1 VP if you are on the 1st player spot.

Most VPs wins.

Game play
2 to 4 players à partir de 12 ans 90 min
Language of rules : ~
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