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edition 2017
Par Thomas Lehmann
Illustré par Claus Stephan, Mirko Suzuki and Martin Hoffmann
Édité par Rio Grande Games


Langues des règles : American English

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Game description

With the invention of JumpDrive, the race for the galaxy begins!
Develop new technologies and settle worlds to build a space empire. Find winning card
combinations! This fast paced card game introduces players to the Race for the Galaxy
universe. Can you build the most prosperous galactic civilization?

Game play
2 to 4 players à partir de 13 ans 20 min
Language of rules : American English
Prix public conseillé : $24.95

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facile et rapide
95/100 -
Marc Laumonier 
race for.... abordable
80/100 -
Le chaînon manquant
85/100 -

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