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edition 2013
Par Jason Lin
Illustré par Jason Lin and Shin Lin
Édité par Mozi Games - 莫仔有限公司
Distributed by Philibert


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Game description

In the middle of night, the hungry wolf and fox sneak into the farm to have a big meal. The watchful rooster senses the danger and cries out “Run, for your life!”
In this dark night, all the farm animals can’t tell where the danger lies; they only can judge from the crying voice of the others. Oh, poor farm animals! Can they save their own lives tonight?
How to play:
According to how many players to set the cards (as shown in the upper left corner of the cards). Facedown and shuffle the cards. Then every player draws a card from the deck. There will be left one card as NPC (hide in the forest) when 4~5 players, then put it in the center. Decide who is the dealer to conduct the game. Then get the game to start as following four steps:
1. When the night falls
2. Running for your life
3. Into the fate
4. Scoring

Game play
4 to 10 players à partir de 5 ans 15 min
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